About Himalayan Wings

Himalayan Wings most reputed company and is known for providing best and comfortable package with best price. Not only price but our quality deliverance is also a major focus to retain our guest forever.

Himlayan Wings worked diligently and patiently to design your ideal trip. With the idea of empowering the tourism in Himachal Pradesh, Our Founder. Mr. Kishan Kumar has started this company in 2012.

In the beginning,we are not entirely sure what direction we wanted to drive the business model, but we were very sure what kind of company we would like to run. From Flights to accommodation, local transfer to delicious food, sightseeing to adventurous activities, bikes, trekking, camping etc. We offers the best hotels at the best price.

Our professional team is here to customize and execute the packages as one desired according to their interest and budget. Our reservation system is secure and your personal information is encrypted.

Why Choose Us?

  • Understanding and Analysis of The Tour Requirements.
  • All Pre Arrangements For The Tour Requirements Before Your Travel Date.
  • Create Tour Itinerary accordingly with Best Time Estimations & Best Price.
  • Regular Feedback while travelling.
  • 24*7 Hours Customer Support.